Casamento no campo

And fear, there where she sat, froze the woman to stone Not fear of the crazy boat and the weltering deep alone; But a campo fear of the night, the dark, and the ghostly hour, And the thing that drove the canoe with more than a mortals power And more than a mortals boldness. For much she knew campo the dead That haunt and fish upon reefs, toiling, like men, for bread, And traffic with human fishers, or slay them and take their ware, Till the hour when the star of the campo o goes down, and the morning air Blows, and the cocks are singing on shore. And surely she knew The speechless thing at her side belonged to the grave. p All night from the no campo all night, Rahero contended and kept The prow to the cresting sea; and, silent as though she slept, The woman huddled and quaked. And now was the peep of day. High casamento long on their left the mountainous island lay; And over the peaks of Taiarapu arrows of sunlight struck. On shore the birds were beginning to sing the ghostly ruck Of the buried had long ago returned to the covered neve capbell And here on the sea, the woman, waxing suddenly brave, Turned her swiftly about and looked in the face of the man. And sure he casamento no none that she knew, none of her country or clan A stranger, mother-naked, and marred with the marks of fire, But comely and great of stature, a man to obey and admire. read more
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